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The Living Wishes Conversation Starter Kit

Living Wishes Conversation Starter Kit

About the Kit

Starting ACP conversations with our loved ones may seem challenging, but discussing our personal and healthcare wishes allows us to care for them in the best way we can. To help adults like yourself kick-start ACP conversations with your parents, we’ve developed an ACP Conversation Starter Kit.

Bond over a nostalgic game of Tumbling Tower with your parents and find out more about their preferred care choices, personal values and perspective on death and mortality.

Each Kit Contains:


Tumbling Tower Set

Conversation Cards

ACP Resources

Where can I get a kit?

All our physical Conversation Starter Kits have been given out, but we want to continue helping more adults initiate ACP conversations. We’ve created a digital version of our kit for you to download for free!



To help you initiate ACP conversations with your parents, we have curated a playlist of movies and a guide with relevant prompts.


Together with your parents, reflect on a curated playlist of songs about our mortality and familial relationships.